Custom WordPress Development

Transform your vision into reality by creating a custom website from the ground up, specifically tailored to your needs. Our team of developers can handle projects of any complexity to deliver a website that meets your specific requirements..

Our solutions prioritize SEO optimization and high performance, which will have a positive impact once implemented on your website.on your website.

WordPress For Your Business Model

With experience delivering different types of projects, we handle most project types, notwithstanding their complexity. Our clients trust us to deliver custom websites tailored to their business needs.

Booking Service

Booking analytics, business management tools, customers portal, Recurring setup, secure payment gateway, and customer database.


Inventory management system, Promo codes, secure payment gateway, product review system, abandoned cart recovery, and upselling recommendations.

Membership Sites

Tiered membership levels, private messaging systems, recurring subscription management, automated content drip campaigns, and event calendars.

Lead Generation

Customizable landing pages, intuitive lead capture forms, exit-intent pop-ups and automated email follow-ups, lead magnets, and integrated CRM integrations.

Content Monetization

Membership access, pay-per-view options, sponsored content placements, affiliate marketing, and ad placement integrations.


Interactive contact forms, client testimonials, case study portfolios, blog sections, online appointment bookings, downloadable resources, and newsletter subscriptions.

Subscription Service

Subscription management, trial periods and flexible pricing tiers, renewal reminders and automated billing processes, and subscription analytics.


Powered with customizable donation forms, social sharing integrations, and real-time progress tracking to engage donors and drive contributions.

Agency Services

Service offerings through interactive galleries, client testimonials, project showcases, client project portals, client intake forms, and integrated CRM systems.

Features Integrated Into WordPress Ecosystem

With WordPress, our solution ensures impeccable design and functionality and a refined framework that utilizes efficiency across your website. 

Ecommerce integration

Engage customers in real-time conversations, providing immediate assistance and fostering trust, leading to higher conversion rates and customer satisfaction.

membership Integration

Offer exclusive content, personalized experiences, and enhanced engagement to your audience and build your online community.

Live chats

Engage customers in real-time conversations, providing immediate assistance and fostering trust, leading to higher conversion rates and customer satisfaction.

Social Media Integration

Effortlessly expand your reach and engage your audience across multiple platforms with seamless sharing capabilities.

CRM Integration

Centralize customer data and interactions, enabling personalized communication and targeted marketing campaigns, resulting in stronger customer relationships and increased retention.

Email Marketing Integration

Build stronger relationships, drive conversions, and nurture leads with targeted campaigns.

ERP Integration

Streamline business operations and processes across departments, enhancing efficiency and productivity. Also provide a unified view of business performance for informed decision-making.

Payment Integration

Ensure seamless transactions, increase sales, enhance security, and provide a frictionless shopping experience for your customers.

Marketing Automation

Automate repetitive marketing tasks such as email campaigns and lead nurturing, saving time and resources while delivering personalized and timely communication to customers.

Analytics Integration

Track key metrics, understand your audience, refine strategies, measure campaign effectiveness, and make informed decisions to maximize ROI.


Our approach has always been ‘quality first’. We put a lot of effort and ‘attention to detail’ into making your website perfect.

Agile Methodology

We deploy this proven method to enhance flexibility, improve product quality and increase collaboration, which leads to higher customer satisfaction.

Top Talents In Europe

Our development team consist of mid to senior software developers, this ensures that we're ready to manage complex projects of any size.


Our team of developers and designers are fully in-house to ensure timelines and met and maintain clear communication throughout a project.

Project Manager

Every project is assigned a dedicated project manager to ensure seamless project execution and communication throughout a project.

ECommerce Experts

We maintain a team of Ecommerce experts that help accelerate the growth of our clients business through consultation and a well informed launch process.

Transparent Pricing

We deliver a well documented project cost before every project begins to avoid hidden costs. We work with our clients to make sure we deliver the best product.

Lets Create An Amazing Website Together

Secure Website

We do not take chances when it comes to security, your website is guaranteed to be secure as we follow the best industry practices to ensure it's total security.

SEO and Conversions

We implement our best SEO practices during the development and design stage of your website in order to build sites optimized for search engines and help you rank higher.

Intuitive UX Design

Our design process goes through several critical stages that enable your customers seamlessly explore your website without any constraints using any device or screen size.

Our Development Stages

Project Brief
We start with a meeting to understand your project requirements, goals and vision, laying the groundwork for a successful collaboration
Discovery phase
We outline the project scope, objectives, timeline and resources using agile methodology.
We develop the visual & technical architecture of the product, incorporating your brand identity into the design.
Our development team takes over coding to bring the product to life, coding responsive interfaces across device and screen sizes.
Quality Assurance
We perform rigorous tests to ensure every functionality, module and element of your website and that it meets the clients goals.
We provide a staging server requesting a review from the client, after which we ship the product to the client in a timely fashion.
After launching, we maintain and implement updates on the site to maximize your website's potential ensuring long term value for our clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

We build a custom WordPress website from the ground-up based on your needs. We build websites of any size including complex websites.

Click the 'Discuss Project' button to book a call with us or fill the form and we would get back to you with a quote.

We are primarily located in Ghent, Belgium. We also have a dev and design team in New Jersey, USA.

We charge 45% of project cost before work commences, the 55% balance would be charged upon project completion.

Totally! We can revamp your existing website to make it more modern, user-friendly and responsive. 

We offer a 30-day post hand-over support & maintenance.

Yes we offer monthly maintenance plans to keep your website in top shape.

The time needed for WordPress development varies based on the type of website, complexity, and project requirements. This information would be made available to you once we understand your project more, you can book a call to discuss it further.

The cost varies depending on the type and complexity of website you want to create. A custom website starts at $3,000 and goes up to $18,000 for complex corporate and E-commerce websites

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