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At Opticsedge, we design your brand identity to get your message across to your customers. Our team of designers create everything from logo design to product packaging design and more. At Opticsedge, we create your visual language.

Design Services

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Graphics Design

Get high quality graphics design done to meet your needs, from ad creative to web illustrations with tech enabled solutions that reflects your business needs.

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Logo Design

New companies as well as established brands, rely on opticsedge to create or improve their logo, from traditional logos to amazon storefront logos, we create intelligent, custom logos designed for the business you want to be.

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Website Design

From online stores to corporate websites, we solve various business issues by designing websites from the ground-up to help customers easily navigate your website, increase conversions and improve customer service

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One of the most important marketing strategies is a company's branding. Our design team creates your brand's visual identity, style guide and create the visual message your business is trying to relay to customers.

Comprehensive Website Design Features

Our design development service includes a comprehensive end to end cycle that ensures every aspect of your website’s design is optimized.

User Research

User demographics, behaviors, needs, and pain points through methods like surveys, interviews, and analytics.

Information Architecture

Content organization and structuring to facilitate user navigation and comprehension. Creating site maps, user flows, and wireframes.


Interface layout low-fidelity representations, structure- and functionality-focused without detailed design elements.


Interactive mockups or prototypes, demonstrating user interactions, transitions, and flows within the interface.

Interaction Design

The interface elements uses interaction designing: buttons, menus, and navigation controls, to ensure intuitive and efficient interactions.

Responsive Design

Adaptive and responsive interfaces for different devices and screen sizes, providing a consistent user experience across various platforms.

Animation and Microinteractions

Subtle animations and micro-interaction design provides feedback, guide users, and enhance engagement without distracting from the main tasks.

Content Strategy

Planning & development relevant, engaging, and meaningful content that aligns with user needs and business goals.

User Testing and Feedbacks

Design testing with real users and incorporating their feedback to refine and enhance the user experience.

Collaboration and Communication

developers, product managers, and stakeholders effectively communicate design decisions and rationale throughout the design process.

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